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ntl.talk, it is no more.

For those wondering what ntl.talk is, or should I say was.. It was a newsgroup on NTL (an ISP - now Virgin Media).

I think the easiest way of expressing this is just pasting some peopleís final and last posts here.

My post, the last ever post at all in ntl.talk (I wasnít trying!):

Ditto. This place has been a whole lot more than just a newsgroup to me. More than just place to post.


The people who are making this happen - They either donít realise because they canít be bothered to look past the end of their nose, or are just evil rotten people.

This isnít just any old newsgroup. Itís ntl.talk.

Itís even made lurkers come out of the woodwork

And all the good, real friends Iíve made:

Hyphenís post is the one that hit home the most for me. Echoing exactly what I feel. Also see his blog.



So much more has been said. So little have Virgin listened. Everyone just saying ďoh itís only a newsgroupĒ.

Itís not only a newsgroup. Itís ntl.talk. A whole lot more.

See you over in free.uk.ntl.talk.outcasts guys, and our own private place over at Ponderís. Also, not forgetting all the great get togethers we have - see you at Easter. Weíll stick together. We all know that.

ntl.talk - full of the most crazy, nicest people you would ever want to know. I love you guys :D

Source: michellez.net; ntl.talk (blue section quoted in Shell's blog but also the last ever .talk post). Quotes from her blog post snipped for brevity and to reduce repetition.
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