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Ey'up mikef,
You brightened my day with this gem:

> wednesday looks like bye bye ntltalk! :((

Oh dear :'o(

I do hope this gets through.

I'll post now because I'm off to jbex and can't be certain I'll be able to
pop back again.

ntl.talk has been a *big* part of my life over the last (mumble) years.
I'm rather sad really, and yes I'm well aware that can be read in two ways
;o) I want to say it has been s place I've never regretted getting to.

Oh and to any lurkers out there, this is possibly your last chance to make
that one post before the doors are closed for good and the bulldozers move
in. Go on! You /can/ do it and you'll have made your mark in virtual
posterity too. :o)

Anyway, it's been good. Last one out, don't bother turning the lights out,
Branson is rich enough to stand the cost until they pull the plug. Because
it is all virtual they cannot accuse us of environmental vandalism either.

//Rix slips his jacket on, picks up his bags, turns and walks to the door.
He turns//


//and exits//

Hoping to goodness is not theologically sound.
Rix - The *original* free spirit
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