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Ey'up kat,
You brightened my day with this gem:
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> Isn't it weird the way memory jbexs.
> when I was a little little kitten, we had the radio program thing at school
> called Singing Together, and the title of this thread got me singing a song
> from it.
> I found it too.
> http://www.folkinfo.org/songs/displaysong.php?songid=784

| Farewell Talktown! noble town, fare-well!
| Here with loyalty ev'ry breast can swell,
| Wheresoe'er I roam, Here, as in a home,
| Ever, dear Chattyshire, my heart shall dwell.
| Farewell Talktown! sadly I depart.
| Tear-drops bodingly from their prison start.
| Though I toil anew, Shadows to pursue,
| Shadows vain, thou'lt remain within my heart.

Yup, poignant ;o/
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