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Pam The Goose

We were a family, nothing like the usual NG because ntl.talk flowed over into real life. We met talkers from all over England, Scotland and Wales. Not forgetting one in Ireland!

We didn’t need anyone to have the job of checking up on our posts, they were suitable for eveybody from child through to pensioner. At the odd times we were visited by someone who refused to buckle to and post pleasantly we just ignored them and they rapidly went away.

ntl.talk was a way of life. We loved it and hoped it would never disappear. Now it has and Usenet has taken a dive. At least we have managed to get Funto where we all can meet and, hopefully, it will develope like ntl.talk did.

Goodbye, ntl.talk, we’ll miss you but try to keep your memory open in the wider world of Funto.

A sincere thankyou to all talkers, they kept me sane and happy. Since we lost Grandad Allen I have become the oldest talker but I felt like a teenager amongst such lovely people :-)

What can I say but we’ll try to keep your memory alive and spread it to others who, unfortunately, never met ntl.talk.

Source: michellez.net
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