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Sorry I haven't been around much lately, guys.

University obligations, over-active IRC, various other stuff happening
in my life, etc have kept me away but I want to personally thank
everybody who's ever posted here for making me feel the most welcome I
have *ever* felt.

I don't know if this'll propagate outside Ponder's server (I don't have
access to news.ntli.net ATM) but if it does, I hope I'll see you in
FUNTO (even if I'm not that active) and for those unable to make it
across, thank you and I wish you all the best.

We'll be here, out in the rain, looking through the window at what was
possibly one of the best behaved communities on the Internet. Just
please remember to turn the lights and the heating off and leave a note
for the milkman.

Best wishes all,
Khyle Westmoreland (Hyphen).


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